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In millions of homes, a magical ritual takes place every day. It happens when, after boiling salty water, you pour the pasta and wait for the right cooking point!

This is the moment of truth! If you feel the natural taste of wheat, if cooking has taken place in a homogeneous way, this is the only way to perceive the incomparable taste of Quality.

A simple drop of extra virgin olive oil will exalt the overbearing goodness of each Genua pasta dish, because Genua wins the water-and-salt-only test … and the sauce comes later!

Starting from Tagliatelle, a cornerstone of traditional Italian cuisine that, although of Emilian origin, is widespread in all regions of the map. In Lombardy with borage, in Trentino Alto Adige with a very particular meat sauce, in Abruzzo and Molise it is said that they were cooked in milk in times of famine. And, for example, our chef enhances them with spicy parsley calamari sauce.

Tagliatelle: fresh pasta, bronze drawn. Format of pasta excellent with both sauces and vegetables.

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