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 Pasta Genua from the Campania tradition, the production of pasta as it once was, fresh pasta, bronze drawn, regional specialties
Genuine, tasty, nutritious pasta

Authentic, delicious, wholesome

Calamarata Pasta


bronze drawn
Garganelli Pasta


regional culinary speciality
Paccheri pasta


bronze drawn
Orecchiette pasta


regional culinary speciality
Strozzapreti pasta


regional culinary speciality
Pappardelle pasta


bronze drawn

100% italian wheat

our typical presentations have their origins in the ancient traditions of Irpinia

Our fresh mountain air is ideal for storing raw materials and finished products; the crystal-clear water from local springs is perfect for kneading our semolina with the highest purity, combined with the passion and skills handed down from mother to son.
Fusilli Napoletani pasta

fusilli napoletani

They are by far the most widely consumed format of fresh pasta in Campania. They are produced with a bronze drawing line dedicated and personalized in every detail.
Fusilli al Ferretto pasta

fusilli al ferretto

Pasta that takes its name from the “ferretto”, the same tool for working with wool, which is used to give this pasta its typical twisted appearance.
Scialatielli Veraci pasta

scialatielli veraci

A true Campania format, its name is supposed to derive from the terms “scialare” (enjoy) and “tiella” (pan), in a reproduction similar to handmade pasta.

The taste of tradition

All our products are characterized by our traditional manufacture that we have never given up. Only with this craftsmanship we are sure to offer an inimitable product and an exclusive flavor to those who choose us every day.

Family passion

We are a family-run company, where passion for quality and respect for others are indisputable values.

Passion and secrets were inherited from mother to son.

Among these, the choice of our ingredients:

  • 100% Italian wheat
  • Pasture-raised eggs.
  • Exclusively local and organic products.

All this gives the product inimitable flavors and fragrances.


An exclusively traditional production with fresh and strictly local ingredients gives the stuffing inimitable flavors and scents.

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